Monday, March 20, 2017

Fresh fruit in St. Lucia crafts market

Fresh fruit at St. Lucia arts and crafts market MARKETING is always an expensive thing, if you pay others to do your marketing they need to be paid, and when you do your own marketing, it is even more expensive.

Most of the costs for your own marketing are  hidden costs, and the largest  hidden cost is your personal time.  Today most marketing is within the online environment,  where SOCIAL MEDIA is the largest consumer of your time.

When you take the time and actually do a proper costing, you will be supprised at the true costs of your online marketing.   The first thing that you need to do, is calculate  what your personal hourly rate is. Then work out the time you spend plotting your online marketing, and include the following, as well as all others that come to your mind when compiling the list......

Product or service research
Target market research
Data collection and related image research, followed by image selection

Image preparation  and related issues
Copy writing then adding any specialised HTML CODE which you may know about.
Next is the review of your online content before it is finally published

Once you have a true reflection of the work done and the true time consumed to accomplish this marketing, then multiply your hourly rate by the time consumed discussing and implementing the necesary actions to fulfil the purpose, aims and objectives of that portion of your marketing.  Now when you are an amature and still learning how these things are done, how  will it take you to accomplish tasks that profesionals, who know all the tricks, and have many tasks preplanned and pre completed, take hours to do?

That is why it is always cheaper for small businesses to out source their marketing.

Todays post is actually all about marketing the fresh produce, mostly fruits such as bananas, pine apples, advocado pears, guava dillas and other fruits in season, which are sold at the St. Lucia village arts & crafts market in McKenzie street across the road from the Avis car hire office.

There is a very large selection of arts and crafts at this market.  The pics here were all taken earlier when discussing the online marketing for the many ladies who sell their wares at this open air market space.

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