Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Project work and Old School birding tours team up.

Project work :  We will be working with  Old School birding tours to establish #OLDSCHOOLBIRDINGROUTE

Water lilies on the pond,
Water lilies

Establishing a functional birding route that consists of bird hides put in place by project work trainees is not going to be an easy task.  But this does not mean that it is impossible, just that it will be time consuming and a rather labor intensive exercise.
The basic idea is that we help individual property owners to establish bird hides with related infrastructure, such as ablution facilities, a dining area or lapa, on their property, then bring tourists, birders and environmentalists as well  as others  such as nature lovers or those who just want to enjoy the outdoors, to make use of these bird hides, with associated facilities and enjoy the great African out doors in style and comfort.

Each bird hide we successfully add to the birding route will improve the over all value of the route and offer extra jobs to the growing list of folks who have benefited from the activities of project work.  If we do this right, and put up cluster hides, which have a central info center, along with arts and crafts  shops, coffee shops and perhaps accommodation thrown in, then our birding project will be very successful.

Each bird hide has the potential to add three or more new jobs to the tourism market, depending on the hide location along with related facilities. These  jobs would be

Bromeliads in St. Lucia
1) The bird hide creator and once created, this job will be reallocated to maintenance​ and environmental care, where feeding The birds will be a primary task
2) Catering staff to look after needs of folks who make use of bird hide
3) Birding guide and  related administrative staff

This will also add to the marketing and administrative job load, and every 10 hides will require one administrative employee within the tourism industry. Here we are talking bookings office or marketing staff

Birding is currently a growing trend within the world tourism market, how ever this is not currently being exploited by the Mtubatuba tourism industry. Project work aims to change that, and make birding a primary draw card within the Elephant Coast Tourism Industry.

There will be many spinoffs from a birding route with one thousand plus bird hides, as the domestic and self drive international tourists may perhaps not make use of local guides, but still make use of the bird hides and related facilities at cluster hides.

The passing trade associated with a busy birding route can become quite substantial, especially if the other activities such as game drives, deep sea fishing trips, arts and craft shopping, nature based walking trails and relaxing at the beach are added into the package deals, making the Mtubatuba Municipality a preferred holiday destination for South Africans, and a must visit location for international tourists to South Africa.