Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Imfino Yethu a new green grocer coming to the St. Lucia hospitality scene.

Imfino  Yethu - project works initiative.

Imfino Yethu is a new green grocer coming to  St. Lucia,
Imfino Yethu your green grocer in St. Lucia
KZN south africa. Imfino Yethu came about  as a spin off of a project work  initiative.  The initial intent  at project work, was to empower a group of ladies in the Dukuduku South region  area, within the subsistence agricultural arena,

The question became what does the market require?  And is there sufficient market size to remain viable once training completed?

upon investigation of the local green grocer business it was discovered that  there is no local green grocer within the Mtubatuba local municipality.

It was thus a  logical conclusion that project work establish a green grocer  to take up   a share of the green grocery business  which will fulfil the needs of the local hospitality industry and the Food and beverage industry of the Greater St. Lucia area.

Project work has passed the Imfino Zethu project along to one of the pioneer members of the project work management team   WE at Project work  expect this project to be  run as a viable profit making business.  AS long as Imfino Yethu remains viable, the trainees empowered by our practical farming for subsistence farmers, will have a sustainable outlet for these folks to maintain in the vegetable and herb growing business, showing profit for their physical inputs.

Besides the official prefered outlet for these trainees end products, The hospitality industry along with the food and beverage industry, there is also a reasonable sized market for the various greens that are consumed by the indigenous population of the Mtubatuba local municipality.  Then there is also the new market that is opening up due to the exposure of the south African market to shows like master chef, and braai master, where all these fancy herbs and related fresh produce are used to prepare really tasty dishes.  These online cooking shows are slowly opening up the niche areas to speciality herbs and indigenous food products like wild spinach, amongst many others.

There is no outlet for these products, as there is no marketing done by the farmers and farming associations within the Mtubatuba Local municipality. Imfino Yethu and Project work along with our marketing teams and advertising partners are in the process of changing this, and there will soon be some aggressive marketing of these fresh herbs and related spinach / green leaf varieties.

This marketing of fresh herbs, greens and other veggies will be a FUFISM based online marketing drive associated with a print media campaign, focusing on the local household markets of the Monzi / Dukuduku / St. Lucia / Khula and an online campaign along with a #HASHTAG  focusing on all visitors to St. Lucia, highlighting restaurants where this produce is prepared and served, with a primary focus on the local Imfino and other indigenous greens.

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