Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Will Andrew Zaloumis be criminaly charged for neglecting Lake St. Lucia and the St. Lucia Estuary system ?

The latest news here today, Tuesday 05 September 2017 is that Uncle Andrew, or Andrew Zaloumis has resigned from his position as CEO of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage site.  This is good news for some folks and bad new for some others. Those who have been the recipients of his good favours may be not too happy, but many South Africans, specifically those who  want to go fishing and enjoy our beautiful golden beaches along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa, are thrilled beyond belief that this tyrant has stepped aside.

Andrew Zaloumis as CEO of the IWPA has caused many hardships and cost the Elephant Coast dearly. In 2004 KZN Tourism issued an OCCASIONAL PAPER (#OccasionalPaper20 ) discussing the loss of 20 000 jobs caused by the knock on impacts of the 4x4 ban ( 4x4 ban blog ) #4x4ban  this document makes it very clear that these losses are huge and need government interventions.   Uncle Andrew on the other hand convinced the powers that be that the increase in INTERNATIONAL TOURISM would off set these losses and so they were ignored.

Problem is that the INTERNATIONAL TOURISM did not materialize, and the numbers are still (September 2017) well below the safety thresh hold with most tourism businesses within St. Lucia battling to make ends meet.  There are how ever a select few who have been hand picked by #UNCLEANDREW to make big returns on investment within the exclusive up-market international tourism sector. The losses within the domestic  tourism market were predicted, and intentionally side- lined with Good PUBLIC PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT  and bad intent perhaps even criminal intent on the part of the board of trustees at the IWPA  under the direct supervision and instructions from #UNCLEANDREW as CEO of the iSimangalsio Wetland Park Authority.

This document outlines just how well documented the predicted losses within the Elephant Coast Tourism sector was .  These predicted losses were deliberately ignored, as per linked document, and today the village of St. Lucia is nearly bankrupt,     and the tourism flow figures are way below those
of 1997-1999.  Once #UNCLEANDREW too over as CEO of the #IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority) things went south, coz this fella was hell-bent on changing the face of tourism to suit the needs of the eleite, and exclude us as commoners or ordinary south African citizens.

Prices skyrocketed, and the tourism market changed its colours under Andrew Zaloumis as CEO of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority.  Lake St. Lucia itself was just a pawn in #UncleAndrew 's plot to break / destroy the domestic tourism market along the Elepehant Coast of KZN South Africa as this would put him in a good place to manage the upper market international tourism trade in a very nasty and self cemterd way, where few would get rich and many would suffer bankruptcy.

take your time and do the home work yourself.  Me telling you that #UNCLEANDREW was bad is not going to help, as nearly every person I speak to has been subject to the #IWPA public perception management strategy that makes the CEO (  #UNCLEANDREW ) look good and right for the job.  How ever once one gets on the ground and talks to the folks who have lost their livelihoods one sees a very different picture.  Problem is that the news papers and other media are afraid of government reprisals, should they say anything untoward.  #UncleAndrew and his team within the inner workings of the ANC have ensured that the truth is well hidden and buried under so much red tape that those looking soon give up.  

Problem is that nature reveals all, and the natural ecosystems within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park are now about to be revaled for what they are....   A DISASTER ZONE and not a paradise as the IWPA and associates have been trying to convince the public.

It is my personal opinion that Andrew Zaloumis should be held criminally liable for the loss of habitat and breeding grounds for marine species within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage site.

Where to from here ?  Well I suggest that you read this blog next, before making any decisions...