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March 2017 update

I enjoy the great outdoors, and spending time fishing and relaxing at the beach is truly a treat. I did not realize it, but my dream job has become to be a tour guide,  in St. Lucia along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa. Way back in 2000 I put a proposal together for a group of guys to start a project called Manukelana Art and Nursery, which was successful, and these guys got considerable funding for their project.  Today they have expanded out and their core business is failing. This leaves me worried, and has changed my perspective on how to get folks working.  With these problems in mind, namely funding and failed businesses, myself and a few friends have decided to initiate PROJECT WORK.

Project work is simply a platform to facilitate practical training and educational training,  which has a practical  element attached to it. 

Project work will help unemployed folks within the Mtubatuba Municipality to acquire the necessary practical skills to either start their own business, or work for others while they plan to start their own business after aquireing the necessary practical skills needed to run and manage a business within the tourism and hospitality business successfully.

Many folks within the Mtubatuba Municipality know me as Frankie Two Socks because I have been wearing odds socks for a number of years know as a personal reminder, never to be brainwashed again. One must understand the the large majority of white folks living in South Africa back in the 60's, 70's and 80's were actually brain washed by the Government, and hence their rather silly approach the problems and conflict around the apartheid story. Most still believe that they were not brain washed, but when one looks at history, how else can one explain the atrocities and how black folks were treated way back then?

any way we are going off track here, so back to business.....

I have decided to go for broke, and use the hashtag #FRANKIE@SOCKS as my personal brand, and attach my personal brand onto all the projects that we at Project work initiate.  I will be blogging about them here first, then sharing these blog posts to the many social media profiles connected to me as an individual,.  This is commonly called FUFISM BASED online marketing, and I blog about that at

Project work is all about tourism development within Mtubatuba local Municipality, along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa with the primary focus on St. Lucia and the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.  Project work and Frankie two socks enterprises will become one of the biggest tourism development initiatives within the Mtubatuba Local municipality, and be driven by yours truly, to ensure that every project has a success story or two to tell.

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