Thursday, March 9, 2017

Do you use hash tag marketing ?

more about #FUFISM and online marketing using hashtagsHash tag marketing for the tourism industry associated with the recreational use of the Elephant Coast beaches, with a primary focus on the mtubatuba municipality and the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

DO you use hashtag marketing for your business?

If you answered no, then you need to think clearly about why not, as hash tag marketing is a truly powerful online marketing tool.

So here is why you should use hashtag marketing for your business.

Hash tags can be purpose generated, and product specific.  This is good for events, where the event name, and perhaps year for an annual event would be your hashtag, and brands where the brand name will be your hashtag.

hashtags are such super powerful creatures within the SEO or Search Engine Optimization industry.

Hashtags are easy to use, how ever they do require some careful planning, which will involve a number of different folks each focusing on a different area of your marketing.

One must remember that there are three distinct areas of Search engine Optimisation which each need to be run as stand alone sections, which are integrated into the whole.  these are

1) #IPSEO or InPage Search Engine Optimisation is all the stuff contained within the HTML code of the page, and includes but is not limited to  a number of high end technical tactics such as schema markup and EXIF data and many simpler tactics such as adding alt tags to images, and including title tags along with many others.

2) #OPSEO or Off Page Search Engine Optimization is all the supplemental online marketing such as content marketing, Search engine marketing, social media marketing and all the rest of them online marketing tactics which  most folks think is out side of the SEO space.

3) OLSEO or Off Line Search Engine Optimisation, is the most important aspect of any SEP campaign, as this is where you introduce your desired search terms, along with their semantically similar terminology to your intended target market audience within the online marketing environment.

Most folks think of OFF LINE MARKETING as seperate from online marketing, but today we have things like hash tag marketing, which is where online and offline marketing are married and act as a single combined marketing effort.

this is where #FUFISM based marketing can really be seen to be working.



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