Thursday, March 9, 2017

why does my business exist?

The  purpose of  Frankie Two Socks Enterprises is to act as a holding company for all the projects and partnerships which I personally become involved with, or put in place as a local tourism development initiative. 

 I will be doing this through my personal brand name of Frankie2socks.  I have been working on this Idea for many years now. I started wearing odd socks way back in 1984 for personal reasons. During the early 2000's I acquired the nick name socks within the Mtubatuba  Town  area. During that time I was selling chili paste and pickles as a living. In late 2010 I some how acquired the nick name of Frankie two Socks within the white community of Mtubatuba and St Lucia.

In late 2016 I decided to actually use this to my advantage. In December 2016 I officially adopted the Brand Name Frankie2socks and have been using the hash tag #FRANKIE2SOCKS  to mark and identify some social media and blog post focusing on a wide variety of topics.  I have even told folks on the street that they may read more about my views on selected topics mostly stuff bout poor ecological management of lake St.  Lucia or the coastal zone

So what I am trying to say is that I have developed the personal brand name of Frankie2socks  and it has taken hold in the mind set and thinking patterns of many folks.  within my geo targeted zone. I also introduce myself to folks as Frankie Two Socks.  The brand name Frankie2Socks is thus easily associated with me as an individual, which gives me a distinct marketing advantage For all projects that I work on.

This will be extremely helpful whan attending meetings as a representative of the ARBU or Association Of Recreational Beach Users.  The ARBU is in place to act as a core group of folks who have an interest in the recreational use of the Elephant Coast Beaches, with  the specific intent to improve the tourism associated with the recreational Use of the Elephant Coast beaches, focusing on the Mtubatuba municipality and the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

Frankie Two Socks is back in town, and getting the tourism associated with the recreational use of the Elephant Coast Beaches back in the spotlight.  This project will require many resources, and I am looking forward to making lots of strange noises at many meetings, which will soon have many folks looking at the tourism associated with recreational use of our beaches in a different light.

I really want to go fishing on the beach and fish from the back of a van,,,   We used to have the right to do that before our area became declared a world heritage site, but somehow lost this right when the #IWPA took over the political control of our coastal zone, through some, at least in my mind, illegal or devious trick,

The fact that the IWPA is side stepping the public participation process is in many cases just simply over looked.  but that will soon come to an end.  There are laws in place to govern how these things are done, and in my mind the CEO of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority is being rather nasty about things. 

I will be blogging more about that stuff here in the near future.  in the mean time, I need some support, and I would appreciate it if you signed my petition here

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