Saturday, April 15, 2017


Please help fund project work.

Project work is not an NPO (Non Profit Organisation ).but a project put in place to ensure that there is a market for our marketing and project management services.  Project  Work is in place to facilitate practical training for those folks who have theoretical training as well as personal knowledge of tourism related products or jobs, which fall mostly within.the hospitality and tourism industry. Here we are talking, amongst others about,

front office staff
Restaurant  staff
House keeping staff
Tour guides
Marketing staff
Environmental management and maintenance staff
First line management staff and supervisors

One of the objectives at Project work4U is to establish a functional restaurant, where trainees within the food and beverage sector will acquire practical experience by working at a fully functional restaurant. Project work thus needs to find the funds to build a restaurant that will suite our needs as a training establishment.

We as project work are thus asking for social investments from the general public and businesses alike. Project work would thus like to offer you an opportunity to help us in our fund raising efforts, through making a social investment of R 5 000.00.

Now you may be asking what do you get in return for your social investment, and that is a very.valid question, as R 5 000.00 is a considerable sum of money.

Well this restruant will.need a customer base, and so we would like to offer you as a social investor a return on your social investment. Now what can we offer you that is worth R 5 000.00?

After thinking about this and evaluating our options we think that it is fair to offer you, as a social investor, the opportunity to experience first hand the fruits of your social investment.  So we would like to offer you the opportunity to come and eat at our restaurant, which you funded with your social investment, for FREE

We believe that offering you the opportunity to to eat out in style, for free, at our restaurant, which you helped fund, is a fair trade off,  for your social investment. But R 5 000.00 is a considerable social investment

So we feel that you should get a fair return on your social investment, and get six tickets, each for a table of eight, which you can take up when it suits you. We still need to evaluate and determine the terms and conditions, so we would like your feed back here in the comment stream.below

Now six tickets each for a table of eight makes a total of 48 meals. How ever the tickets are for a group sitting of 8 or less folks, which means that you will need to bring your friends, family or relatives along with you.

You do not need to use all 6 tickets at once, so you will be able to bring folks along for a free meal on six different occasions, or perhaps three groups of 16 folks, or some combination. You decide, but remember these are 6 group bookings, each for a table of 8.

Setting up a restaurant as a training establishment is going a costly affair, as we firstly need to put the building in place, then furnish it with suitable furniture, including the kitchen equipment, like stoves, fridges, ovens and associated cutlery as well as pots, pans, serving dishes, bain marines table cloths, paintings and other artwork for the walls. Then there is also the classroom environment as
well as staff recreational areas, ablution.facilities and so many other expenses not mentioned here.

Your comments would be really appreciated, as we need to have an idea if this tactic of social.invedtments, with a social experience as a return on your social.investment will work as a funding tactic

Leave a comment and let us know what your views on this fund raising tactic are.

If you want to donate please do so on this page  https://bier  use the yellow donate button on the right hand marging

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  1. Where will this resturant be ?.. and .. how much is R 5000.00 in US currency ?..
    Thank you