Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fishing at Mission Rocks in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Fishing  at Mission Rocks and adjacent rocky  shores in the iSimangaliso  Wetland  Park  is usually quite awsome, but the wind  has been blowing  in a north east direction for about three weeks now, chasing many folks off the rocks and making fishing a bit uncomfortable.

These first three weeks in November 2017 have produced  some fish along the rocky shores between  Cape Vidal  and St. Lucia, but there  should have been plenty more. My fishing   trip with Gareth  Robertson  the weekend  (18 / 19 November 2017) was quite enjoyable, even though we were blown  into submission on Saturday 18 November, coz we had an opportunity  to do a little driving around the iSimangaliso  Wetland  Park  and we're treated to some really cool sightings of game, as well as plenty of flowers in bloom.

We got to take a walk on the dried out sand  bed of Lake Bhangazi,  and  bumped  into some guys that were  fishing for barbel in the murky waters, and had a beer with them while chatting about barbel  fishing in general.

The drive on the  Bhangazi  loop road was very relaxed and a number of cars passed us as we took our time looking at flowers in bloom and just simply  enjoying the many game sightings, with plenty of ZEBRA,   KUDU,  GNU (blue wildebeest) RHINO, and other creatures.

This loop road was very fruitful  from a game viewing  perspective and I recommend  that every visitor to the iSimangaliso  Wetland  Park  take the time and effort to experience  as many of the loop roads as their time allows.  In other words, make sure that you go into the park early, and leave just in time to get our before they close the gate.  Remember that there is a R 500.00 fine for late exit......

There are many new loop toads and a few different  hides, so perhaps a day or three maybe  better  to see all.  There is plenty to see with lots of game, and even Hyhina  and leopards if you are lucky.  As for birds, there are plenty, and some are  rather  special sightings, like saddle  billed  storks.  There are plenty of yellow billed kites, but these seem to be restricted  to the coastal  zones only, where we also saw a fish eagle and plenty of swallows.

My battery on my phone died, so I  did not get pics of everything that a I would have liked. So remember  to take a good camera,  with extra  batteries, or a charger that will work  from your  transports  electric supply.

We tried fishing again on Sunday, but once again the wind was up, the surf was a bit on the large  side, and we did not catch  as many  fish as we would have liked.  We did see quite a few fish,  that were  caught by others, where kingfish, grunters, rock  cod,  sand sharks, salmon and others  were on display to claim bragging rights.

Once again, I bobbed out, but Gareth  caught a blue spotted sand shark. I did have a few good runs, and got bitten off three times, so the fish were eating, but our luck was the wrong colour.

On the way  out of the park we were treated to my first Hyhina sighting in the park,  and this guy was rather accommodating, as  I got a few good pics of this beautiful  animal.  We got to the gate at 18 H 58 which was cutting it a bit fine, as we fished in the bay at Cape Vidal till the last  minute, leaving Vidal at 18 H 10 and stopping for a few pics  nearly  became expensive, due to the R 500.00 late  exit  fine.
Hyhina on the roadside  in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park  along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa

Kudu  on the road between St. Lucia  and Mission  Rocks in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Two beautiful  rhinos along the road between Cape Vidal  and St  Lucia  in the iSimangaliso  Wetland Park

Grass  orchids  flowering  on the roadside in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park  near mission rocks

Mission rocks sign board  showing GPS co-ordination and warning  signs  which are standard through out the iSimangaliso  Wetland  Park

Warthog seen on the road just before mission rocks, in the iSimangaliso  Wetland  Park

King fish caught by local angler  Oom Daan when fishing near Mission Rocks in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Gareth Robertson  with his catch (Blue spotted Sand shark ) at  Mission Rocks  in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park  28 November 2017

Fishing at Mission  Rocks  in  the   iSimangaliso  Wetland  Park

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